Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesdays Steals and deals

Now were going to do a shoe steal and deal. Now that its getting chilly we all want cute booties RIGHT? well who is going to spend 158$ on a little mini cowboy boot?? not this girl. so here im introducing you some steals..

The orignial 158$ boot.

The steals: for $44.99!

and finnaly this one from sears. 38.99$

thats it ladies! have a wonderful day and stay couture.

Colored denim trend!

Okay, i love lovelovelvoelevoevleovlevoleovlevoevlevoevoevelveovlevoevoe colored jeans.  theese from nordstrom are $288.00 ! ouch. $288.00 

Hollister; $35.00

theese from A&F ( ) for $49.00 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Steals And Deals

 Okay, are you ladies in LOVE with the denim shirt trend? Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars. Okay, who has that just laying around?? I sure don't.  So, here i've collected some cheaper alternatives under fifty dollars. Awesome right?
Lets take this shirt from norstrom as an example. This will cost you 218$.  Lets find something more reasonable shall we?

This one is from american eagle, $49.99 

This one from Forever 21?? 19.90$ 

and this one from gap, on sale! 38.99$ 

Your welcome ladies, have a nice day and stay couture(: