Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesdays Steals and deals

Now were going to do a shoe steal and deal. Now that its getting chilly we all want cute booties RIGHT? well who is going to spend 158$ on a little mini cowboy boot?? not this girl. so here im introducing you some steals..

The orignial 158$ boot.

The steals: for $44.99!

and finnaly this one from sears. 38.99$

thats it ladies! have a wonderful day and stay couture.

Colored denim trend!

Okay, i love lovelovelvoelevoevleovlevoleovlevoevlevoevoevelveovlevoevoe colored jeans.  theese from nordstrom are $288.00 ! ouch. $288.00 

Hollister; $35.00

theese from A&F ( ) for $49.00 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Steals And Deals

 Okay, are you ladies in LOVE with the denim shirt trend? Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars. Okay, who has that just laying around?? I sure don't.  So, here i've collected some cheaper alternatives under fifty dollars. Awesome right?
Lets take this shirt from norstrom as an example. This will cost you 218$.  Lets find something more reasonable shall we?

This one is from american eagle, $49.99 

This one from Forever 21?? 19.90$ 

and this one from gap, on sale! 38.99$ 

Your welcome ladies, have a nice day and stay couture(:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life, etc.: Triple Winner Giveaway!

Life, etc.: Triple Winner Giveaway!: Hello, and happy Wednesday! I hope you're not getting sick of all these giveaway's that I've been having because for one, I love doing it! a...
I have a special treat for you guys today! Were making braided headbands but the treat is the tutorial!! Im making theese for school and my friends!

Okay you will need;
Some time,
An old T-shirt(or other scraps)
safety pin

First we will lay out the shirt flat (the one in the picture has already been used twice(:

And cut it into three one inch strips
And bye bye shirt!! Turn the strips inside out and cut away ONE side of the stitching that was the side of the shirt.
Do that to all three strips, folding them right side back when your done. Now streeetch them all the way they can stretch. they will look like this when your done(:

That was kinda fun wasnt it??(: now line up the three strips and knot them all at the top. A really tight knot with about an inch left over on one side.

Then safety pin it somewhere and braid braid braid. Not to tight or else it wont stretch.  Make sure you end (by knotting it!) a little smaller than your head. To make sure this is right, wrap it around your head however your planning on wearing it. It streches!
Lay it flat as it would be if you were going to wear it, and use the little ends (not the long one you braided from!) and tie it to the other side. What your doing is joining the pieces. And then trim the little edges! 

Now here is the only semi hard part. Tie the three strings  to one side of the big knots. cut off all but one string. (ive yet to find something to do with what is left start tightly wrapping the string around all the knots, knotting it a final time around the end.

Putting what we just did to the back of your neck, enjoy your braided headband and make more! a great way to upcycle an old tshirt!! 

Have a lovely day ladies and stay couture!<3

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hey guys,  so recently Ive been seeing a ton of things that are insane nail designs. That got me thinking, How can I possibly paint my nails when there are so many fantastic nail designs! So here are the classics for you girls who cant possibly decide!

First up; French nails!! It takes some practice and time but its so simplistic and romantic. Very timeless! So here is a site to get you started! Add things like polka dots, glittery tips, flowers, anything you can think of to make this design a little more impressive and complicated!

Now I have a special and final treat for you guys, a youtuber who makes amazing nail tutorials! not one of her designs i dont understand. This is cute polish!!!

Have a lovely day ladies and stay couture!